Prague, Czech Republic 2003

2003 International Conference:

The 2003 IAEE International Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic from June 5-7, 2003. The theme for the Prague Conference was "New Challenges for Energy Decision Makers.” Topics for discussion at the conference included: Prospects for Global Energy Markets, Solar Energy, Law and Energy Economics, Ethics in Energy Economics and Sustainable Development in Energy Context. Plenary sessions were given by major speakers from industry and government including Robert Ebel and Einar Hope.

Plenary Sessions

Arnold B. Baker, Chief Economist, Sandia National Laboratories
Lars Bergmann, Stockholm School of Economics
Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, International Energy Agency
Alfred J. Boulos, President, Boulos International
Mary-Ellen Boyle, Clark University Graduate School of Management
Peter Davies, Chief Economicst, BP Plc.
Hermann Franssen, PEL Market Services
Andrei Konoplianik, Deputy Secretary General, The Energy Charter Secretariat
Hans Maters, Special Adviser, DG Energy and Transport European Commission
John Mogford, BP Plc.
Poul Erik Morthorst, Senior Research Specialist, Risø National Laboratory
Sang-Gon Lee, Professor, Korea Energy Economics Institute (Paper) (Presentation)
Nils Von Hinten Reed, Director, CapAnalysis Europe
Dr. Roberto Rios-Herran, Legal Advisor
Rick Sellers, Head, Renewable Energy Unit, International Energy Agency
Mathew Simmons, Simmons & Company International
JP. Favennec, Director - Center for Economics and Management, IFP
Robert J. Eagan,, Vice President, Energy, Information, & Infrastructure Surety, Sandia National Laboratories

Parallel Sessions

Conventional versus Innovative Technologies in the Transportation Sector: External Costs and Benefits - Kenneth B Medlock III, Rice University
The Energy Economic Benefits of Integrated Development Planning Policies - Elizabeth Marshall, Highland Council
Will European Industry Escape the Kyoto Protocol? - Ton Manders, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
The role of regions in the framework of sustainable energy policies and programmes - Marcello Antinucci, Paola Perini, Valentinas Klevas
East European Natural Gas Markets: Opening to Competition - Margarita Pirovska, CGEMP University Paris Dauphine
Long Term Scenarios for Energy Markets - Ton Manders and Machiel Mulder, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
Asian Premium of Crude Oil and Importance on Preparation of Oil Market in Northeast Asia, Yoshiki Ogawa - The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Electric Power Leveler by Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Co Co-generation System and Its Economic Implication - Yutaka Yoneda and Shigeru Yasukawa, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Held Hostage: Arms and Infrastructure Oil Development in Sudan and Chad - S. A. Van Vactor, Economic Insight, Inc.
The Energy Sector in the Context of Sustainable Development – A Review of Concepts - R. Eich / J.-F. Hake, Research Centre Jülich
Financing Micro-generation: Some Options for the Future - Dr. Jim Watson, University of Sussex
Benchmarking & Regulation in Energy Industry: An Overview - Tooraj Jamasb, University of Cambridge
Organizational Forms, Competences and Industrial Strategies : the Relations between Manufacturers and Operators in the European Wind Energy Sector - Pierre Taillant, University of Montpellier
Changing investment incentives in a deregulated European electricity market - Anna Krook Riekkola, Ingrid Nyström and Erik Ahlgren, Energy Systems Technology
Fuel Consumption An Optimum Fuel Consumption Model for the Transport of Model for the Transport of Cargoes by Road Vehicles Cargoes by Road Vehicles - Mahmoud Saffarzadeh and Abdolreza Rezaee-Arjroody
Bio-Energy with Carbon Storage: a Sequential Decision Approach to the threat of Abrupt Climate Change - Peter Read and Jonathan Lermit
Fuel-Switching Capability - Alain Bousquet and Norbert Ladouxy, University of Toulouse
Increasing the Eoc-Efficiency and Economy of an Energy System: A Multiobjective Optimization Approach. - Carlos E. Escobar-Toledo, Faculty of Chemistry, National University of Mexico
Evaluating the Effects of Crossholdings and Information on Wholesale Energy Prices - Derek W. Bunn and Augusto Rupérez Micola, London Business School
Gas-to-Liquid Technologies: Recent Advances, Economics, Prospects - Iraj Isaac Rahmim, E-MetaVenture, Inc.
Prospects and Potential for Cost Reductions in PV Systems - Daniele Poponi, Department of Economics, University of Bari
The Impact of Oil Industry Liberalization on the Efficiency of Petroleum Fuels Supply for the Domestic Market in Indonesia Dr Kurtubi - Center for Petroleum and Energy Economics Studies
Regulation and Measuring Cost Efficiency with Panel Data Models: Application to Electricity Distribution Utilities Massimo Filippini and Mehdi Farsi
The Decision of Investment and its Funding in an Undergoing Institutional Environment: the Case of a Nuclear Equipment - Marie-Laure Guillerminet, Hamburg University
Geopolitics of Global Oil and Security: Rethinking the Role of National Governments A. Babak Hedjazi - Regional International Development, UCLA
U.S. National Energy Policy: Is the Gulf Widening? - Daniel McGroarty, White House Writers Group and Marvin J. Horowitz, Demand Research
Energy Price Distortions in Iran - Alimorad Sharifi, Isfahan University & Mehdi Sadeghi, Imam Sadiq University
Benchmarking as a Regulatory Management System Shakeb Afsah and Mary Clark Webster - Webster & Somes
Improving Energy Infrastructure Security: Costs and Consequences Alex Farrell, Hisham Zerriff, Lester Lave and Granger Morgan
The more co-operation, the more competition? Fieke Rijkers - ECN
Oil & Gas: Frontier Issues Competition for New Supplies - Adam Sieminski, Deutsche Bank
Sustainable Development Problems of Sustainable Development Problems of Latvian Energy Sector - K. Mikelsons , Latvenergo

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