About Us

The International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) is a global non-profit organization that strives to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and issues among professionals interested in the economic analysis of energy resources. The Association is based in the United States, where it was founded in 1977, but includes members from over 100 nations. We maintain national affiliate organizations and conduct conferences and meetings in many parts of the world.


Although founded coincident with the global oil crisis of the 1970s, the scope and interests of the IAEE have grown significantly over the years, in ways that parallel the development of alternative sources of energy, the evolution of markets and regulatory structures, major advances in technology, growing concern about energy's impact on climate change and the environment, and ultimately the need to identify sustainable paths of economic growth.

Our members come from academia, the business community, all levels of government, as well as non-governmental organizations worldwide. We seek members who are interested in energy economics and those who shape opinions and prepare for events which affect the energy industry. We aim to advance the knowledge, understanding and application of economics across all aspects and forms of energy, and to foster communication among a diverse community of concerned professionals.

Our Mission

IAEE's mission is to enhance and disseminate knowledge that furthers understanding of energy economics and informs best policies and practices in the utilization of energy sources.

IAEE In Brief

We facilitate

  • Worldwide information flow and exchange of ideas on energy issues
  • High quality research
  • Development and education of students and energy professionals

We accomplish this through

  • Leading edge publications and electronic media
  • International and regional conferences
  • Networking among energy-concerned professionals

A major objective of the IAEE is to provide for the mutual association of people interested in energy economics in order to create a forum for professional, multi-national, multi-disciplinary discussion and to provide a means of professional communciation and constructive dialog. To achieve this objective, we publish three periodicals. The Energy Journal is published six times per year and features leading-edge, peer-reviewed academic research that covers all aspects of energy economics and related fields. Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy is our semi-annual publication that delivers policy-relevant discussion and analysis to a broader audience of concerned energy professionals. Both of these publications are free to members of IAEE and may be purchased by non-members through our website. The IAEE Energy Forum is our quarterly newsletter that contains articles that appeal to a general audience interested in energy and related fields.

We also hold an annual International Conference whose location varies year-to-year and co-sponsor many regional conferences, symposia, institutes, and workshops with our national affiliates around the world. These meetings attract a diverse population of international delegates and speakers from many of the most influential government, corporate, and academic circles.

The IAEE operates through a seventeen-member council of elected and appointed members. Council members and officers serve in a voluntary position and are not compensated in any fashion for their services. The Association maintains a conflict of interest policy and each officer/council member must sign and agree to this policy. Click here to view IAEE’s by-laws. IAEE also maintains and enforces a strict Code of Conduct to which all members must adhere. Click here to view IAEE’s Code of Conduct.

Membership in IAEE is open to anyone who has an interest in the field of energy economics. You are encouraged to view our site for more information. If you are interested in joining, the membership section of our website will provide answers along with an online application form.

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