IAEE Student Representative

Han Yan
IAEE Student Representative 2023/2024.
PhD Candidate in Economics, Department of Economics, and graduate fellow in Center of Energy Studies, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University

The Student Representative is responsible to the Council for overseeing the conduct of all student activities sponsored by or involving the IAEE and its Affiliates. He or she will communicate with student representatives working on student programs within Affiliates and conferences to ensure IAEE has a strong portfolio of student activities.

(see also bylaws)

The IAEE Student Representative:

  1. represents all IAEE student members to the Council with his or her vote. At least two Council Meetings take place each year in the course of annual IAEE conferences. For each Council Meeting, the Student Representative’s duties include preparing reports on student activities, achievements of affiliate student chapters and student member statistics.

  2. is responsible for, or helps organizing student events that take place during IAEE conferences; for example: PhD Day, student poster session, best student paper award, student happy hour, student breakfast, etc.

  3. coordinates and encourages communication between affiliate student chapters especially at annual meetings of the affiliate student chapter leaders in the course of IAEE conferences.

  4. is IAEE’s contact person for all student and young professional members and all those who might intend to become one.

The Student Representative is elected by ballots of all IAEE members for a single two-year term and is a member of the Council. The current Student Representative for the term 2023/2024 is Han Yan. Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Representative in case you have any student related questions. If you want to apply for the position as Student Representative in the forthcoming period please contact IAEE Headquarter at iaee@iaee.org.

Former student representatives:


Cristian Stet, Netherlands


Pablo Benalcazar, Poland


Fabian Moisl, Austria


Lisa Marina Koch, Germany


Patrick Narbel, Switzerland


Iva Hristova, France


Marcos Watanabe, Brazil


Merrill J. Barradale, USA

Marcos Watanabe, Brazil


Merrill J. Barradale, USA

Christian Redl, Austria


Phillia Restiani, Australia

Christian Redl, Austria


Phillia Restiani, Australia

Hadi Hallouche, UK


Carole Le Henaff, France

Hadi Hallouche, UK


Carole Le Henaff, France

Steffen Sacharowitz,Germany


Eliska Kotikova, Czech Republic

Steffen Sacharowitz, Germany


Monika Mechurova, Czech Republic

Peter Kobos, USA


Stine Grenaa Jensen, Denmark

Alberto Elizalde Baltierra, Mexico


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