Student Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to being a student member in the International Association for Energy Economics. Student members as well as regular members gain a broader understanding of energy economics, policymaking and theory. All members are kept well informed by our publications and conferences on matters within the energy industry and the challenges that lie ahead. A student membership provides the opportunity to network within the largest association of energy professionals. Any full-time student with an active interest in the field of energy economics is eligible for a student membership in the IAEE and will benefit from belonging.

Student membership benefits include:

  • A free subscription to the IAEE's periodical publications The Energy Journal and Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy and the quarterly newsletter Energy Forum
  • Complimentary access to all Conference Proceedings
  • Participation in our active Working Paper Series
  • Exposure to a multitude of IAEE sponsored conferences throughout the world
  • Reduced conference fees and Scholarships to attend our conferences
  • Eligibility to take part in specific events designed towards students (e.g.; Student Happy Hour, Poster Session, PhD Day, Best Paper Award)
  • Opportunity to network with a worldwide membership base of energy and economics specialists and to search our Membership Directory online to locate members with similar energy expertise and experience
  • Search for employees and post resumes via our Job Market database
  • An Energy Economics Education Database where academic programs in the field of energy economics are posted.
  • A collection of useful Energy Data Links including e.g. statistics, data websites and news services.
  • Access to a dynamic and active Association Website to stay current on all products/services
  • Students can make the most of their membership by networking with other members in their region through local affiliates. To learn more about affiliates and their support for student members, please click here.

To join as a student member of IAEE click here.


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