Journalism Award

Journalism Award

In 1983, the IAEE instituted the IAEE Award for Excellence in Written Journalism on topics relating to international energy economics.  The award was generously underwritten in 1983 and 1984 by John K. Evans, in 1985 and 1986 by Temple, Barker & Sloane and in 1993 to 1996 by the International Petroleum Exchange. 

Past winners of the IAEE Journalism Award are:

2023 John Defterios, CNN Business

2022 No award presented

2021 Jim Washer, Petroleum Argus

2020 No award presented

2019 Amena Bakr, Energy Intelligence Group

2018 No award presented

2017 No award presented

2016 Russell Gold, The Wall Street Journal

2015 John Kingston, Platts

2014 Craig Morris, Renewables International & Energy Transition

2013 Alex Forbes, Forbes Communications Limited

2012 No award presented
2011 No award presented
2010 Karel Beckman, European Energy Review

2009 Ian Bourne, Argus Media

2008 Bob Tippee, Oil and Gas Journal

2007 David H. Knapp, Energy Intelligence Group

2006 Margaret McQuaile, Platts

2005 Vijay Vaitheeswaran, The Economist

2004 Thomas E. Wallin, Energy Intelligence Group

2003 Edward L. Morse, Hess Energy Trading Co LLC

2002 Erik Means, Upstream

2001 Bhushan Bahree, The Wall Street Journal

2000 Barbara Shook, Energy Intelligence Group
1999 No award presented

1998 John H. Jennrich, Natural Gas Week
Toni Mack, Forbes

1997 Anne-Marie Johnson, Middle East Economic Survey

1996 Isabel Gorst, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly

1995 Neil Fleming, Platt’s Global Alert

1994 Amy Jaffe, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly
Al Troner, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly

1993 Walid Khadduri, Middle East Economic Survey

1992 Onnic Marashian, Platts Oilgram News

1991 Marshall Thomas, The Oil Daily
1990 No award presented

1989 James C. Tanner, The Wall Street Journal

1988 Jan Nasmyth, Petroleum Argus Ltd.
Haifaa Khalafallah, Al-Watan
Wanda Jablonski, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly
1987 Prem Shankar Jha, Times of India
1986 Chris Cragg, Financial Times “Energy Economist”

1985 Ian Seymour, Middle East Economic Survey

1984 Sarah Miller, Platt’s Oilgram, London

1983 Youssef Ibrahim, The Wall Street Journal

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