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Paul Tempest (14 August 1936 – 6 March 2022)

The IAEE and the BIEE have much cause to remember and thank Paul Tempest for his contributions to the development of both organisations. He served as President of the IAEE in 1984 and was Vice President of the BIEE from 2001 to 2009. He most certainly fostered the development of what is the UK branch of the IAEE but with its own distinctive features including the annual BIEE conference. As an example of his enduring organisational work, he edited a substantial book entitled International Energy Markets published in 1983 on the full proceedings of the joint IAEE/BIEE conference at the University of Cambridge. The papers in this volume are of enduring value to both academics and policy makers in the energy sector.

I had many personal dealings with Paul on the occasion of the IAEE conference at Aberdeen in June 2002 which I had the privilege to chair. Paul was appointed as Programme Co-Chair. I recall his diligence and unfailing good humour in scrutinising the many submissions of papers for presentation at the conference. His wide range of knowledge of the energy sector, reflecting his personal career in diverse aspects of energy, were very evident.

In sum, we should all remember with gratitude his contributions to the health and growth of the IAEE and BIEE.

Professor Alex Kemp
University of Aberdeen


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