Article Referees & Book Reviewers

If you would like to review articles or books submitted to The Energy Journal, please send a brief C.V. and letter outlining your research interests to:

The Energy Journal Editorial Office
International Association for Energy Economics
28790 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 350
Cleveland, OH 44122, USA
Tel: (216) 464-5365
Fax: (216) 464-2737

  1. Please specify the areas in which you are interested and qualified to review articles.
  2. Reviewers are normally allowed six weeks to complete a review and return it to the editors.
  3. Please indicate how many articles you would be willing to review in a one year period.

The Energy Journal
Refereeing Criteria
for judging the merits of journal submissions
  1. CONTRIBUTION. Does the paper make a significant contribution to its field of research or a discussion of policy? Does the paper say something worth saying? Is it timely?
  2. SCHOLARSHIP. Is the scholarship sound? Does the paper meet academic standards? Do the facts check out?
  3. APPEAL. Is the topic important? Would it appeal to a large enough section of our international readership?
  4. ORIGINALITY. Does the author bring a fresh perspective to the topic? Does it duplicate or recapitulate other works? Is it novel, correct and insightful?
  5. ANALYSIS. Are all the facts examined and the information analyzed correctly? IS more than one side of the issue presented?
  6. ILLUSTRATIONS AND LENGTH. Do the illustrations, tables, graphs and appendices add to the paper? Is the paper concise? Could the author make the same point in a Note or short paper? If so, suggest what might be condensed or omitted.
  7. RECOMMENDATION. What revisions would you suggest? Add suggestions for possible submission elsewhere.
If the paper does not meet the first three criteria, we will not publish it in The Energy Journal. We would, of course, expect referees to explain why the criteria have not been met.

Detailed comments on why the paper is acceptable or unacceptable are necessary to the author as well as the editors. If a weak paper can be rewritten to make it of value, we would expect the referee to give specific guidelines for doing so.

Reports should be typed on one side of the page only, with generous spacing for ease of reading. We will not reveal your identity to the author. A formal acknowledgment with names of all referees is published in The Energy Journal at the end of each year.

E-mail reports are acceptable. A typical 2-3 page report should take about 3 or 4 hours. Keep in mind that EJ rejects about 80% of papers received.



Abstracting and Indexing Databases

Articles appearing in The Energy Journal are listed in both Environmental Periodicals Bibliography and The Journal of Economic Literature and are indexed/abstracted in ABI/Inform, EconLit, JEL on CD, SciSearch, Web of Science, Research Alert, Ei COMPENDEX, Trade and Industry Index, PAIS International, DOE Energy, Energy/Enviroline, and Wilson Business Abstracts.

Authorization to photocopy articles appearing in The Energy Journal for internal or personal use, or the internal or personal use of specific clients, is granted by IAEE provided that you register with the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, phone 978-750-8400.

The Energy Journal is available in reference systems (e.g. microfilm, CD-ROM, full text etc.) produced by the Bell & Howell Co. (ProQuest Direct), the Gale Group (Info Trac databases) and the H.W. Wilson Company's Business Periodicals Index. For further information on these online databases please call the Bell & Howell Company at 734-761-4700,; the Gale Group at 248-699-4253,;, or H.W. Wilson Co., at 718-588-8400,


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