IAEE Local Affiliate Event Support

As IAEE continues to grow, so have our IAEE Cornerstone and symposium events. This is truly a success for which we wish to thank you, our Affiliate leaders & Administrators, for highlighting our quality program on Energy Economics at the International level.

This is a reminder of the Association’s policy that Affiliates are asked to minimize the chance that their events collide with IAEE Cornerstone conferences. The six IAEE “Cornerstone” meetings are: the International Conference, North American Conference, European Conference, Eurasian Conference, Latin American Conference and Asia-Oceania Conference.

IAEE’s Cornerstone conferences have already been calendared for the next several years, so it is easy to determine conference dates for your own meetings that do not conflict with them – check out the schedule at https://www.iaee.org/en/conferences/iaeecalendar.aspx .

Within the IAEE banner meeting structure, a Symposium will typically be held over a one- or two-day period and be structured around plenary panels, only. An IAEE Cornerstone conference, on the other hand, will typically be held over a three-day period and will be comprised of a full set of plenary panels and concurrent sessions. Symposia are employed to help stimulate interest for a new IAEE Affiliate and/or IAEE regional effort and to lay the foundation for meetings growth into a full Cornerstone conference offering.

The planners of every IAEE approved event have a duty to confirm that their planned event does not conflict or compete with another event already announced and on the IAEE’s global schedule, and to communicate with the organizers of any earlier-announced conference if there is any doubt about such a conflict.

Moving forward, IAEE will no longer email its membership Affiliate local events (ala annual meetings) and will solely promote conferences that are tied directly to IAEE’s Cornerstone or sponsored symposium events. This said, we request that you submit your Call for Papers or general conference announcements to be carried in the Energy Forum – newsletter, which is published five times per year. The newsletter is electronically provided to all members and is in open access format for non-IAEE members to view as well – hence there is broader coverage for your local Affiliate events outside of the IAEE family network.

Furthermore, we recommend that you re-brand your events from IAEE “conference” to “symposium” to help distinguish between events that transpire at the IAEE international level versus those at the local Affiliate level.

Please do not hesitate to contact IAEE Executive Director, David Williams should you have any questions in regard to this important procedure.

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