Cornerstone Conferences

IAEE Conferences attract delegates from the most influential government, corporate and academic energy decision-making institutions. Conference programs address critical issues of vital concern and importance to governments and industries and provide a forum where policy issues are presented, considered and discussed at both formal sessions and informal social functions.


IAEE typically holds five Conferences each year.

IAEE Conference proceedings are NOT copyrighted and are available for purchase online by visiting here.

Please find here the calendar on IAEE's upcoming Conferences as well as meetings from IAEE International Affiliates. IAEE Affiliates are encouraged to send an expression of interest to host a future IAEE international or regional conference at any time. Click here for further information.

Further information on the events can be retrieved from the links below.

IAEE International Conference Information:

2025 Paris, France International Conference (June 15 - June 18, 2025)
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2024 Istanbul, Turkey International Conference (June 25 - June 28, 2024)
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Call for papers

2023 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia International Conference (February 4 - February 9, 2023)
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Conference Proceedings
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IAEE Asia-Oceania Conference Information:

8th IAEE Asia-Oceania Conference, (TBD)

USAEE/IAEE North American Conference Information:

2024 Baton Rouge, Louisiana USAEE/IAEE North American Conference (November 3-6, 2024)
Conference Website - Coming soon!

IAEE European Conference Information:

18th IAEE European Conference, Milan, Italy (July 24-27, 2023)

Call for Papers
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17th IAEE European Conference, Athens, Greece (September 21-24, 2022)

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IAEE Latin American Conference Information:

9th ALADEE Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July 28-30, 2024)

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IAEE Affiliate and General Conference Downloads:

EVER Monaco, May 11-12, 2023
Electromobility at the heart of the energy mix of territories and metropolises
Details and Registration 2023
Download Energy Forum 2022 on EVER Monaco 2022

BIEE Research Conference 2023

Energy matters for all: from global actors to active consumers

20 and 21 September 2023, Worcester College Oxford

We are at a time of transformation in the energy sector, with calls for action at all scales from geopolitics to households. Mounting prices have brought energy economics to the top of the agenda for individuals, organisations and countries, while dramatic weather and high-profile events have brought climate change from the background to the foreground for decision-makers. What is our pathway through the transition? Can we emerge from the current crises heading for an energy system that is not only zero carbon but serves all customers better? BIEE’s biennial Research Conference offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of current work on these issues, hear from experts and join the debate on pathways for the future.

Call for abstracts: Submissions are invited from the economic, social, behavioural and technology research communities, and from energy analysts, strategy and policy thinkers from all backgrounds. We welcome submissions from both academic and non-academic institutions.

Deadline for submission is 1 March 2023.
Submit online at

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