Association Webinars: Canadian Energy in Multiple Crises: from Pipelines and Climate to Covid-19


Canada is the 6th largest energy producer in the world, with oil and gas leading its production. Renewable, nuclear and coal production are however also significant, especially for a country of 38 million. Oil production, mostly located in the land-locked province of Alberta, has been growing faster than pipeline capacity, depressing local oil prices. US shale production also depressed oil and gas prices. Various types of opposition create additional difficulties for the industry. This webinar covers the state of the energy situation in Canada, with a focus on the difficulties to reconcile long-term GHG reduction targets with the Canadian energy production and consumption reality. The covid-19 crisis adds complexity and uncertainty to the situation. There are however many positive energy paths that could emerge from these difficult times, in which Canada could contribute sustainably to the world energy supply.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the role of Canada in global energy supply;
  • Insights into the challenges of combining hydrocarbons, renewable production and climate goals;
  • Knowledge of a country case on how the energy sector is affected by the covid-19 virus.

Speaker: Pierre-Oliver Pineau, Chair in Energy Sector Management, HEC Montreal (

Pierre-Oliver Pineau (PhD, HEC Montreal, 2000) is a professor at the Department of Decision Sciences of HEC Montreal and holds the Chair in Energy Sector Management since December 2013. He is an energy policy and management specialist, with a focus on electricity reforms. He has published many papers on the energy sector, most of them exploring the links between energy and some aspects of sustainable development. He participates regularly in the public debate on energy and has authored many reports for the government and other public organizations.

He is a researcher and Fellow at the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO). Before joining HEC Montreal, he was an associate professor at the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria (2001-2006).


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